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How this course can possibly save you many times its cost:

For years EMC has been considered black magic. Design engineers could not understand why their system worked in the lab, but failed in the field. Once designers learn the concepts of EMC and how they apply to real life circuits they can understand what they can do at the beginning of a project to minimize the impact of EMI/RFI. They learn to design their product to be Electromagnetic Compatible.

If you design your product to take EMC into account up front, the cost to implement the many options is minimal and the number of options are almost unlimited. Once a product has been designed and you go to the test lab for compliance testing the options to fix any design flaws are greatly reduced and the cost to implement any fixes is dramatically increased!

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I personally believe by taking our current three-day seminar/workshop and taking advantage of the product review, a company has the potential of saving tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars by designing a product correctly from the beginning. For example, I once had a client at my test lab that would have saved $10,000 on the year's production if they saved just "one penny" on each product they manufactured. Unfortunately very few "fixes" for a badly designed product can be added for a penny. Sometimes we can save a client (or potentially save a student) $10, $50 or even hundreds of dollars per product manufactured. Imagine what their savings would be over a year, or over several years of production, had they learned how to design their product with EMC in mind.

Remember, after the class is over you will be given an opportunity in a one-on-one "Product Review" to discuss your own product, a product you are considering, or EMC concerns you have that were never answered for you in the past.

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