Controlling Radiated Emissions by Design,
Third Edition


I hope you find our new book interesting and helpful. It is the third edition and has been updated to reflect the latest speeds and technology in the industry. I began teaching with the first edition back in the early 90s. I was given an opportunity to edit the second edition and Michel asked Roger and me to be contributors to this latest edition.

In the book we take the reader through the entire design process:

  1. Understanding the standards. A unique part of the chart on page 7 is its link to a website that will be continually updated throughout the years. This will keep the standards section always up to date!
  2. We develop the concept of how current in a device can cause radiated emissions.
  3. Next we go step by step from a general strategy of design, to details of circuit board layout and design. Then we predict the emissions from our design.
  4. Box shielding is covered in detail. We predict the emissions which would leave our box using the earlier predictions we made from our circuit boards. This final level combines our original emissions with the attenuation from our enclosure.
  5. We include a chapter on troubleshooting using much the same process we use at the D.L.S. lab.
  6. There is a greatly expanded chapter on filter design. This is generally all that is required after we have completed the above. What we have remaining is the emissions from cables and wires leaving our enclosure. Our intended signals may need to be filtered and we can now calculate our filter based on the reduction in emissions needed combined with the signal needs of our system.

One thing I have found unique is the examples that are given, as they are worked out in detail such that the reader can understand not only the answer but how the answer is derived. I have taken this a step further in the class I teach twice a year. First we manually go through an example. This takes time but gives a thorough understanding and insight to the equations and how they are used. We then take this process a step further by having developed computer programs that use the same equations but the answers are derived much faster allowing for multiple interaction as we think through various alternatives. These proprietary computer programs are only available for those taking our class as they need to be explained as to how to use them.

If I can be of any additional help in explaining the book, please feel free to contact me.



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