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"RFID Takes Aim"
by Tim Lusha, 2018.
A brief insight into RFID’s inclusion into electro-magnetic compatibility testing of electronic devices that operate in RFID environments and/or utilize RFID technology.
"The Requirements and Responsibilities of Smart Appliances"
by William Stumpf, 2018.
Increased use of wireless enhancements for appliances related to the Internet of Things (IoT), and the effects on compliance rules and new updated standards for the appliance industry.
"Getting Ready for the EU's Radio Equipment Directive"
by William Stumpf, 2017.
Drastic changes to the compliance requirements for the European Union require re-evaluation to new standards, test limits and methods, and no grandfather clauses.
"D.L.S. Receives ACIL Award"
by Avionics News, 2017.
A brief overview of D.L.S. as it is recognized by the American Council of Independent Laboratories for outstanding quality and performance for second straight year.
"Stop EMI from Ruining Your Day and Your System Performance"
by Michel Mardiguian & Donald L. Sweeney, 2016.
Renowned authors outline the design principles of meeting the ever-changing global EMI requirements, with a focus on the reduction of unwanted electromagnetic emissions.
"Understanding the Role of RTCA DO-160 in the Avionics Certification Process"
by Donald L. Sweeney, 2015.
A whitepaper providing an overview of the various sections of the RTCA DO-160 standard.
"New EU Directives Have No Transition Period"
by Donald L. Sweeney & William Stumpf, 2015.
European law has dictated several changes with respect to safety, radio equipment, and electromagnetic compatibility. These laws are now in effect, with no transition period, and products placed on the market must comply with these new laws.
"In What Ways are EMI Shielding Compounds Ideal For Replacing Metal or Conductive Coated Plastic Housing in Sensing Systems"
by Donald L. Sweeney, 2014.
Review of new design and materials options for meeting electromagnetic compatibility requirements, focused on the enclosure level.
"Mitigating Excessive Emissions, 2nd Edition"
by Donald L. and Marilyn Sweeney, 2014.
A simple explanation of how cable shielding can be implemented properly as well as how it often is compromised. For both technical and non-technical people to help understand EMC design.
"Design Enclosures to Meet EMC Requirements"
by Donald Sweeney, 2012.
Ensure that the designs chosen for enclosures meet all process-capable and manufacturability requirements, while maintaining electromagnetic compatibility integrity.
"Understanding EMC Principles Saves Medical Compliance Testing Costs"
by Donald Sweeney, 2012.
Avoid unnecessary mitigation by understanding the effect of electromagnetic interference on components and accessories used in association with medical devices.
"The Third Edition of IEC 60601-1: A Manufacturer's Perspective"
by Mitch Gaudyn, 2012.
Expanded risk assessment and risk management requirements fall directly on the manufacturer's shoulders and can affect the compliance process, with respect to time and costs.
"Independent Labs Provide Value-Added Services"
by Jack Black, 2010.
Consulting and troubleshooting provide time saving steps during the compliance process, even when dealing with agencies and formalized approval processes.
"How Current Return Paths Affect Signal Integrity"
by Donald L. Sweeney, 2010.
The return current on a signal path will always take the path of least resistance.
"ANSI C63.10: Procedures for testing compliance of a wide variety of unlicensed wireless devices"
Interview with Bill Stumpf, 2009.
New standard brings to one place all reference material needed for performing tests.
Stricter on Safety - Tougher EMC Requirements for Appliances"
by Mark Haynes & Steve Grimes, 2007.
Amendment 1:2004 to the EN 60335-1 safety standard, which covers household and similar appliances, added EMC requirements. The severity of these new EMC requirements is much higher than previous levels.
"Shielding Effectiveness of Gaskets, Composites and Shields"
by Jack Prawica and Jereme Irwin, 2007.
Background of Shielding Effectiveness standards and how they relate to the ever-increasing demand for lighter, strong, easy-to-manufacture, and cost-effective shielding solutions.
"Estimating Emissions from your Printed Circuit Board"
by Roger Swanberg, 2007.
How to calculate the differential mode radiated emissions from a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with sample calculations.
"Ensuring a Successful Visit to the EMC Test Lab"
by William Stumpf, 2003.
Explanation of the specific requirements and information needed prior to going to the test laboratory.
"Early Design Evaluation Allows 'Speed to Market'"
by Jack Black, William Stumpf, & Tom Brenner, 2002.
Explains the advantages of having a product review before testing and the time and cost savings that result, with specific examples.
"A History of D.L.S.'s EMI Testing"
by Marilyn Sweeney, 2000.
Shows D.L.S.'s growth beginning in 1983, when it was founded. References made to Bellcore/Telecordia & large equipment.


Step-by-Step Procedures to meet the requirements for:
CE Marking DoC ISM Measurement, Control, Lab
Medical HHA ITE


Reference Articles (Updates concerning new or changes to existing standards):
Limits for harmonic current emissions: EN61000-3-2
ITE Immunity Product Standard: EN55024
Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Standard: EN61326
Industrial Environment Generic Immunity Standard: EN61000-6-2
EU Medical Device Directive (MDD) 93/42/EEC using harmonized standard: EN60601-1-2
HHA & Similar Apparatuses Immunity Product Standard: EN55014-2
Domestic Environment Generic Immunity Standard: EN61000-6-1


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